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Tips & Tricks


Disk / Data

How do I find out how much disk space is occupied?

How can I retrieve the path to the Temp directory?

How can I retrieve a disks serial number?

How can I retrieve the path to the Windows directory?

How can I retrieve the path to the Windows System directory?

Retrieving the Short Path Name

How can I find out if a file exists on a disk?

How to Quickly create entire directory structures

Dealing with Null strings in Access database fields

Retrieving Volume Information and checking if a CD is in the drive

Parsing delimited text files

Moving files into the Recycle Bin

How to speed up database access

How to find files using Windows API

Changing Strings to Title Case (updated 03/23/2000)

Using Drag and Drop with files and folders (updated 10/12/2000)

Parsing delimited text files

Retrieving the File Attributes

Reversing a String

Reversing a file

Converting Numbers to Words

Decimal to Binary

Search and replace entire string

Logging use of executables in Windows

Create file Associations

Export to any type of database

Using the Date type with an ADO source

Extract Icons From Files




Windows System

How can I disable CTRL-ALT-DEL and ALT-TAB and CTRL-ESC ?

How can I exit windows from my application?

How can I find out how long windows 95 has been running?

Editing the Windows 95 documents list

How do I find out which user is logged in?

How can I start the Windows 95 Shortcut Wizard ?

Adding Shortcuts in Windows 95

Hiding and Showing the Taskbar

Creating Internet Shortcuts

Changing the screen resolution

Moving files into the Recycle Bin

How to Activate CapsLock and NumLock from Code

How To Display Port Settings

How to clear the open recent project list?

Adding a network connection to your computer

How do I change the colour of the title bar?

How do I find out the colour of the title bar?

How to register and un-register ActiveX Controls

Adding frequently used modules to the templates directory

How to Start a Screen Saver using the API

How to speed up database access

Creating Office 97 Toolbars

Controling the Speed of the Windows Start Menu

How to Change the name of your computer

How to determine Windows startup mode

How to change the name of the Recycle Bin through VB?

How to create an ActiveX Control which hides the Taskbar?

How to see which Office App are installed?

Finding out the size of the font being used by the system

Finding out the amount of free memory

Add a line to the autoexec.bat

Logging use of Windows

How to refresh the desktop

How to empty the recycle bin within a VB-application using the API (added 01/10/2000)


How can I detect if my program is already running?

How can I close an application?

How can I activate an application with the Windows Classname?

How do I center a form?

Showing the Properties dialog box

Making a Text Box read only

Using the Progress Bar to measure action

Moving between control with the enter key

Selecting all text on focus

Hiding Your Program in the Ctrl-Alt-Del list

How to make the title bar flash?

How to disable the X button of the controlbox?

Information needed before updating records!

How to round a number in Visual Basic to n decimal places (updated 03/23/2000)

How to add a sleep routine (without timers and loops, and with still 100% CPU Time;-)

How can I access the Registry from my VB Application?

How do I get my application on top?

How do I tell when an application executed using the SHELL command is finished?

Delaying a Visual Basic Program

Validating Credit Card Numbers

Unloading all Forms

Allowing a form control to be movable (DRAG AND DROP)

How to add an icon to the tray

How to implement "What's this?" Help

How to Determine the Number of Lines in a Textbox

How to show and hide a combo box dropdown list

How to make a form transparent?

How to use the Spelling Corrector tool of MS Word within VB?

How to delay a VB program without using the API

How to place checkboxes in a Listview?

How to change the name of the Registered Organisation and Owner?

How to clear the open recent project list?

How to search a list box by typing text into a control

How to move a form without a title bar

Set the dropdown height of a combobox

Set the dropdown width of a combobox

Only allowing numbers into a text box

Setting Style Property of OptionButton and CheckBox at Runtime

Setting the ToolTipText on a ListBox

Giving the users a progress update

Recursively enable or disable controls in frames

Enumerating Fonts

Disable the popup menu of a text box

Using WithEvents to add features to a textbox

Sub-Classing: Adding an About box to the control menu

How to change the textcursorshape?

Creating a HotKey for your application

How to add a new font temporary (as long as the application is running)

Using an unlisted Messagebox Constant (added 11/20/1999)

How to set a form on top (added 01/10/2000)

How can I find out whether my VB-application has the focus? (added 10/12/2000)
How can I convert a decimal number to a binary number? (added 10/12/2000)
How can I emulate the user pressing the [x] button? (added 02/16/2001)
How to Debug a compiled executable? (added 11/17/2001)



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