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Adding Shortcuts in Windows 95

If you would like to add a shortcut to your program in the Start Menu, you can use the undocumented API call that is used in the setupkit.


You must declare the following in the declarations section of a project.

Declare Function fCreateShellLink Lib "STKIT432.DLL" _
(ByVal lpstrFolderName as String, ByVal lpstrLinkName _
as String, ByVal lpstrLinkPath as String, ByVal _
lpstrLinkArgs as String) As Long        


To add a shortcut to the Start Menu, you call the function with these parameters:

  • Where to place the link in relation to the Programs folder on the Start Menu
  • Name or Text to appear in the link
  • Path of the file to link to
  • Arguments for the file
For instance, to add a shortcut to the desktop, you would use the following code:

lngResult = fCreateShellLink("..\..\Desktop", _
"Link to my program", "C:\Path\Program.exe","")



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