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If you work with API, you've probably noticed that the win32api.txt file that comes with Microsoft's API Viewer is totally out of date. This file is based on the Windows95 header files, and with the arrival of Windows98, Windows2000, WindowsME and WindowsXP, many new functions were created.
So, what should you do when you want to use one of these new functions in your VB application? You can start searching the Web of course, but that's very time consuming and you might not find what you're looking for.
That's why we created ApiViewer. ApiViewer is a replacement for Microsoft's API Viewer. The data-file is based on the latest WindowsXP header files, so that means you get access to approximately 6500 functions and 55600 constants! Win32api.txt has approximately 1500 functions and 5000 constants.

So, why didn't we just release an updated version of win32api.txt?
Well, you may not believe it, but Microsoft's API Viewer gives an overflow error when you try to open the new text-file. Therefore it was necessary to replace APILOAD.EXE.

To go to the ApiViewer download page, click here (note that this is an external link).



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