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Logging use of Windows

A little while ago, I needed to log the times the my PC was being switched on and off, so I wrote this little program. Basically, it can sit in your StartUp folder on the Start Menu, so it is run when you start Windows. It hides itself away, and writes the time to a log file. This program thien remains running the entire session, until Windows is shut down, at which point, it writes the 'Off' time to the log.

Private Sub Form_Load()
Left = -10000
Top = -10000
Open "c:\apps\log.txt" For Append As #1
Print #1, "On: " & CStr(Now)
Close #1
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
Open "c:\apps\log.txt" For Append As #1
Print #1, "Off:" & CStr(Now)
Close #1
End Sub



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