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Reversing a file

This tip demonstrates how to reverse a whole file.  This function could be used as part of a security program to encode confidential data.

Function Code

Public Sub reversefile(fromfile _
As String, tofile As String)
' Fromfile: file to get data from
' Tofile: file to put data in
' Note: This does not work very 
' well on strings as it does not seem to
' recognise new lines.

Dim mybyte() As Byte
Dim reversedbyte() As Byte
Dim reversebyte As Long

Open fromfile For Binary As #1
Open tofile For Binary As #2

ReDim mybyte(1 To LOF(1)) As Byte
ReDim reversedbyte(1 To LOF(1)) As Byte
Get #1, , mybyte

For reversebyte = UBound(mybyte) To 1 Step -1
reversedbyte(reversebyte) = mybyte(UBound(mybyte) - _
reversebyte + 1)

Put #2, , reversedbyte

Close #2
Close #1

End Sub


call reversefile("c:\fromfile.dat","c:\tofile.dat")



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