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Finding out the amount of free memory

It is easy to return the amount of free memory in windows, using the GlobalMemoryStatus API call. Insert the following into a module's declarations section:

dwLength As Long 
dwMemoryLoad As Long 
dwTotalPhys As Long 
dwAvailPhys As Long 
dwTotalPageFile As Long 
dwAvailPageFile As Long 
dwTotalVirtual As Long 
dwAvailVirtual As Long
End Type

Public Declare Sub GlobalMemoryStatus _
Lib "kernel32" (lpBuffer As MEMORYSTATUS)

Now, add this code to get the values:

MS.dwLength = Len(MS) 
GlobalMemoryStatus MS

' MS.dwMemoryLoad contains percentage memory used
' MS.dwTotalPhys contains total amount of physical memory in bytes
' MS.dwAvailPhys contains available physical memory
' MS.dwTotalPageFile contains total amount of memory in the page file
' MS.dwAvailPageFile contains available amount of memory in the page file
' MS.dwTotalVirtual contains total amount of virtual memory
' MS.dwAvailVirtual contains available virtual memory

You could use this in about boxes or making a memory monitoring system.



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