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Misc. Downloads

This sample demonstrates how to create a popup menu using API, insert it into the menubar of Notepad and evaluate the menu click using a WH_GETMESSAGE hook, installed with the dscwpmsg dll.
Just move the mouse over any window, and you'll get a hierarchical list of the main-window and its children. Very handy if you need to work with FindWindow or FindWindowEx.
This is a universal Callback DLL which is useful for data transfer between VB apps.
The canwrite.exe removes the ReadOnly attribute of all files in a directory and its subdirectories on hard drives.
Like CANWRITE, but you can set more attributes and you can drag a file or folder from windows explorer onto a shortcut to this executable. You do not need to copy the executable to the directory.
This tool allows you to easily change the forcolor of a command button.
With this DLL, you can install a systemwide or thread related CBT/SHELL hook to get some useful info on user activities regrding launching, closing and activating programs.
This DLL allows you to monitor any messages either thread related or system wide.
The dsdrive.dll supports functions for ejecting/inserting of removable drive media.
This dll allows you to save and restore the positions of the desktop objects.
With the dsfiles library, you can search for specific files or a group of files in any location.
Generates "MouseEnter" and "MouseLeave" events for VB controls, including the windowless ones.
This DLL offers a few replacement functions for API functions like FindWindow, SetForegroundWindow, etc.
With this DLL, you can create system wide keyboard hooks.
A DLL to make your forms system modal or modal to another application.
You can create system wide mouse hooks with this DLL.
The dsrgstry.dll makes it easy to read from and write to the registry including the enumeration of subkeys and entries.
The "dsscrnsv.dll" lets you prevent a screensaver from starting either in general or only if your app is active.
This DLL makes it possible to subclass foreign windows and allows listening to their messages.
This DLL makes it possible to subclass foreign windows and allows listening to their messages.
This DLL makes it easy to watch for closing of any program, which may be launched by the app which uses the DLL, or already be running.
Runtime Library for Visual Basic 5.0
The "Process Analyzer" displays the running processes. After clicking on any entry the windows belonging to this process will be shown in the lower listbox. If there exists at least one window, the button "Modules" will be enabled, and then clicking it you'll get displayed all of the DLLs, OCXe etc. which are used (loaded) by the selected process.
This tool makes it easy to take screenshots of the active window, a child window a rectangular region or, of course, the entire desktop.
SWAPKEY demonstrates, how to swap keycodes system wide using the using the "dskeybrd.dll" and the "dscbtshl.dll".
The DESDLL.DLL allows you to easily encrypt and decyrpt files and strings from within your Visual Basic application.
Runtime Library for Visual Basic 6.0