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Retrieving the red, green and blue values from a RGB color

I had the problem to split an RGB color to its red, green and blue values. So, I used my Assembler knowledge to do it.! Here's the sample-code (for a command button):

Private Sub Command1_Click()

x& = RGB(212, 15, 21)

'lowbyte = red value
'second byte = green value
'third byte = blue value
'highbyte = always zero

Print "RGB color:"; x&

'first = low byte
Print "red:"; vbTab; x& And &HFF&

'seconde byte, to make it an eight bit value,
'we have to divide it by 256 = &H100&
Print "green:"; vbTab; (x& And &HFF00&) \ &H100&

'third byte, division by 65536 = &H10000 makes
'it eight bit
Print "blue:"; vbTab; (x& And &HFF0000) \ &H10000

'the highbyte is always 0, so we don't have to
'read it!
'What does the AND-OPERATOR do?
'To get only the lowbyte, for example, you have
'to do an AND-OPERATION with &HFF& = 255.
'&HFF& = 0000000011111111 in bits (here I only
'show it as 16 bit value).
'0 and 0 = 0
'0 and 1 = 0
'1 and 0 = 0
'1 and 1 = 1
'So, making an AND-OPERATION with &HFF& doesn't
'change the lowbyte, but sets all other bytes
'(bits) to zero!!!

'Using &HFF00& sets all bytes (bits) to zero
'except the second byte! To convert it to an
'eight bit value, simply divide it by 256 = &H100&.
'32-bit value: highbyte, third byte, second byte,
'Other progtammers are using following names:
'H.O. Byte = high order byte
'Byte #2 = third byte
'Byte #1 = second byte
'L.O. Byte = low order byte
'e.g.:00010203, 00 = highbyte, 03 = lowbyte

End Sub



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