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Tips & Tricks  


How can I detect whether my program is already running?

How can I close an application?

How can I activate an application with the Windows Classname?

How do I center a form?

Showing the Properties dialog box

Making a Text Box read only

Using the Progress Bar to measure action

Moving between control with the enter key

Selecting all text on focus

Hiding Your Program in the Ctrl-Alt-Del list

How to make the title bar flash?

How to disable the X button of the controlbox?

Information needed before updating records!

How to round a number in Visual Basic to n decimal places (updated 03/23/2000)

How to add a sleep routine (without timers and loops, and with still 100% CPU Time;-)

How can I access the Registry from my VB Application?

How do I get my application on top?

How do I tell when an application executed using the SHELL command is finished?

Delaying a Visual Basic Program

Validating Credit Card Numbers

Unloading all Forms

Allowing a form control to be movable (DRAG AND DROP)

How to add an icon to the tray

How to implement "What's this?" Help

How to Determine the Number of Lines in a Textbox

How to show and hide a combo box dropdown list

How to make a form transparent?

How to use the Spelling Corrector tool of MS Word within VB?

How to delay a VB program without using the API

How to place checkboxes in a Listview?

How to change the name of the Registered Organisation and Owner?

How to clear the open recent project list?

How to search a list box by typing text into a control

How to move a form without a title bar

Set the dropdown height of a combobox

Set the dropdown width of a combobox

Only allowing numbers into a text box

Setting Style Property of OptionButton and CheckBox at Runtime

Setting the ToolTipText on a ListBox

Giving the users a progress update

Recursively enable or disable controls in frames

Enumerating Fonts

Disable the popup menu of a text box

Using WithEvents to add features to a textbox

Sub-Classing: Adding an About box to the control menu

How to change the textcursorshape?

Creating a HotKey for your application

How to add a new font temporary (as long as the application is running)

Using an unlisted Messagebox Constant (added 11/20/1999)

How to set a form on top (added 01/10/2000)

How can I find out whether my VB-application has the focus? (added 10/12/2000)
How can I convert a decimal number to a binary number? (added 10/12/2000)
How can I emulate the user pressing the [x] button? (added 02/16/2001)
How to Debug a compiled executable? (added 11/17/2001)

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