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Tips & Tricks

Windows System

How can I disable CTRL-ALT-DEL and ALT-TAB and CTRL-ESC ?

How can I exit windows from my application?

How can I find out how long windows 95 has been running?

Editing the Windows 95 documents list

How do I find out which user is logged in?

How can I start the Windows 95 Shortcut Wizard ?

Adding Shortcuts in Windows 95

Hiding and Showing the Taskbar

Creating Internet Shortcuts

Changing the screen resolution

Moving files into the Recycle Bin

How to Activate CapsLock and NumLock from Code

How To Display Port Settings

How to clear the open recent project list?

Adding a network connection to your computer

How do I change the colour of the title bar?

How do I find out the colour of the title bar?

How to register and un-register ActiveX Controls

Adding frequently used modules to the templates directory

How to Start a Screen Saver using the API

How to speed up database access

Creating Office 97 Toolbars

Controling the Speed of the Windows Start Menu

How to Change the name of your computer

How to determine Windows startup mode

How to change the name of the Recycle Bin through VB?

How to create an ActiveX Control which hides the Taskbar?

How to see which Office App are installed?

Finding out the size of the font being used by the system

Finding out the amount of free memory

Add a line to the autoexec.bat

Logging use of Windows

How to refresh the desktop

How to empty the recycle bin within a VB-application using the API (added 01/10/2000)

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