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Tips & Tricks


Disk / Data

How do I find out how much disk space is occupied?

How can I retrieve the path to the Temp directory?

How can I retrieve a disks serial number?

How can I retrieve the path to the Windows directory?

How can I retrieve the path to the Windows System directory?

Retrieving the Short Path Name

How can I find out if a file exists on a disk?

How to Quickly create entire directory structures

Dealing with Null strings in Access database fields

Retrieving Volume Information and checking if a CD is in the drive

Parsing delimited text files

Moving files into the Recycle Bin

How to speed up database access

How to find files using Windows API

Changing Strings to Title Case (updated 03/23/2000)

Using Drag and Drop with files and folders (updated 10/12/2000)

Parsing delimited text files

Retrieving the File Attributes

Reversing a String

Reversing a file

Converting Numbers to Words

Decimal to Binary

Search and replace entire string

Logging use of executables in Windows

Create file Associations

Export to any type of database

Using the Date type with an ADO source

Extract Icons From Files




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