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About a year after I started programming in Visual Basic, Windows API functions started fascinating me. They were so powerful, compared to the ordinary Visual Basic functions, however there wasn't that much good information about them online. Five years ago, a VB API programmer really had to do a lot of online digging before finding something useful.
It was, in fact, bad enough for us to decide to start our own homepage about using the API in Visual Basic.

As years went by, traffic exploded almost exponentially and became well known under the VB API programmers.

But unfortunately, everything must come to an end; today, it's time for to end.

The site became too big for us to handle in our spare time. Practically every free minute we had went to the site, and this became unbearable. We had to make some decisions and one of them was to stop working on

This was obviously a hard decision for us to make, since we spent countless hours working on the site, but nevertheless it's a necessary decision.

So, what's going to happen to the site? Well, we're going to keep it online for the foreseeable future. By the time this site goes offline, Visual Basic 5/6 and the Win32 API functions will probably be ancient technology. And when it does, we'll definitely give an advance warning.


Thank you for visiting

The KPD-Team,


We would like to thank the following people for their continuing support:

 - Abdulaziz Alfoudari (webmaster of VBParadise) and Tyrel Haveman (webmaster of Haveman Computer & Internet) for providing mirrors for our files.
 - Christoph Von Wittich for creating ApiViewer.
 - Juergen Thuemmler for all his tools.
 - Everyone else who contributed to
 - Everyone who sent us a postcard. We really appreciate that!

Here's some extra information FWIW:

 - Visitor statistics and graphs etc.
 - Redistribution of the material on this site



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