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What other people are saying about API-Guide

"Thank you so much for bothering and doing the API-Guide. I was looking for that on the internet for some time now. It is simply the best. Thanks again for your great work."
- Ron

"The API-Guide is fantastic. Bottle it and you might outsell Coca-Cola!!"
- Syd

"The "Api-Guide" program is wonderful ! Thank you all very much !"
- Adrian

"Please get the next api-guide on the way because i am dying to get my mouse on it."
- Kyle

"I appreciate the information that the API-Guide has given me. I am getting a better understanding of Windows 98."
- David

"The API-Guide is fantastic, Thanks for all the work you obviously put into it!"
- Tim

"You have done an excellent job with the API guide. It is usable and readable. The examples are prima! A really great contribution to VB programmers! Thanks."
- Mike

"Thanks, API Guide is sufficient enough for me to do my job. I enjoyed being with you."
- Cengiz

"I love the API Guide!  It's awesome."
- James

"I'm a self-taught VB programmer and I'm just beginning to dabbleinto API functions and the downloadable API Guide has been a great help"
- David

"I really, really like the API Guide.  In fact, I willprobably feature it in my company newsletter next month. For an API neophyte like me, the Guide has been extremely helpful."
- Joe

"I would like to thank you for building and writing the wonderfulAPI Guide. I've used it for a day and find it to be reallyuseful. Probably that's because I've already got something inmind that I want to build and API is the fastest and mostefficient way to do it."
- JS

"I use your API Guide constantly andhave found it to be the "Golden Bullet" for solvingmost of the Code problems we have encountered during theconversion.  Please keep up the great work !"
- Dennis

"This API Guide is the best thing since canned beer!"
- Sheldon

"Congrats for the new version of API-Guide. This really helps a lot to the developer. I really appreciate your concern towards to VB Developers."
- Taklikar

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