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API-Guide download

API-Guide 3.7 (+/- 2.20MB)(*)
 - North America - Virginia

Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Runtimes (+/- 1.24 Mb)
North America - Santa Clara

* = This program requires the VB5 runtimes! (you probably already have these installed)

API-Guide ships with two language packs. You can use the internet update to download more language packs.

When you have an older version of API-Guide installed on your computer, you do not have to uninstall that version when installing a newer version.

If you're looking for ApiViewer, you can download it from this page.

If you have a homepage and you want to link to AllAPI Network, please don't link to this page but link to

If there are problems send an E-Mail to

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Any donations are greatly appreciated.



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