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The DsBrowseForContainer function sets up and displays a simple dialog box with which users can scope parts of Active Directory™. The dialog box displays a simple container picker which is either populated with containers from a particular root or which uses trusted domains. If it uses trusted domains, it can use either the domain that the user is currently logged in to, or it can use a domain that the user has specified. The user can specify a caption, title, root, and, optionally, an expansion path for the dialog box to be expanded to. Upon exiting, the path and object class of the selected object is returned. The dialog box also supports a callback to allow the user to override some of the default behaviors or to provide extra filtering.

Declare Function DsBrowseForContainer Lib "dsuiext" Alias "DsBrowseForContainerA" (pInfo As DSBROWSEINFO) As Long

Operating Systems Supported
Requires Windows 2000 (or Windows NT 4.0 SP6a or later with DSClient); Requires Windows 95/98 (with IE 4.01 or later and DSClient). Not supported on Windows Me


Parameter Information
· pInfo
[in] A pointer to the DSBROWSEINFO structure.

Return Values
The function returns the following values.
-1 There is an error.
IDCANCEL The user clicked the CANCEL button in the dialog box.
IDOK The user clicked the OK button in the dialog box.


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