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The CharUpper function converts a character string or a single character to uppercase. If the operand is a character string, the function converts the characters in place. This function supersedes the AnsiUpper function.

Declare Function CharUpper Lib "user32" Alias "CharUpperA" (ByVal lpsz As String) As String


Operating Systems Supported
Requires Windows NT 3.1 or later; Requires Windows 95 or later


Parameter Information
Pointer to a null-terminated string or specifies a single character. If the high-order word of this parameter is zero, the low-order word must contain a single character to be converted.

Return Values
If the operand is a character string, the function returns a pointer to the converted string. Since the string is converted in place, the return value is equal to lpsz.

If the operand is a single character, the return value is a 32-bit value whose high-order word is zero, and low-order word contains the converted character.

There is no indication of success or failure. Failure is rare.


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